Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Makeup tips for brown eyes


People with brown eyes are lucky, since almost all shades work for them─metallic shades work wonders. This particular shade helps the eye pop out better. Metallic tones, such as brown, gold, bronze and even pinks would make your brown eyes stand out. Such shades draw attention to your eyes and help them look better. Such shades are often used to create bold looks. White liners along with metallic shades can really bring out the real beauty of brown eyes. It helps in highlighting brown eyes to a good extent. To prevent the liner from smudging, apply clear powder near your eyelids. 
Concealing or hiding your dark circles can really help in popping your brown eyes. Concealing your eyes requires you to place eye concealer under your eyes and blend out the area well. Follow by applying your foundation and your brown eyes will really shine through! Blush creates a big difference in your face. People with brown eyes have a large range of blush colors to choose from. Shades such as pinks and reds, complement brown eyes. People with brown eyes should skip muddy lip shades. For irresistible look, try red or coral shades with golden undertones. Bronze shade complements brown eyes to a good extent too. People with dark colored brown eyes can choose shades, such as cinnamon, hot red or terracotta.

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